Orders & Payments

Does MyVapeClub has a physical store ?

YES ! We now  have a brick & mortar vape shop in heart of St Kilda. Shop is located 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD at 133 Carlisle Street Balaclava VIC 3183

133 Carlisle Street Balaclava VIC

Why I don't see option to pay with PayPal

Temporarily we cannot offer Paypal, our PayPal business account has been restricted as we are currently selling tobacco products online although we have never allowed vaping products to be paid with PayPal on our portal.

Once these Covid restrictions are over and we no longer need to sell tobacco products online we will resolve our restrictions with PayPal and resume offering PayPal payments, we do understand the inconvenience to our customers but at the same time we want all our customers to be able to access all our products during these Covid restrictions

To make up for the inconvenience we have temporarily lowered our Free Shipping offer as below

FREE Regular Post when you spend $50

FREE Express Post when you spend $65

BSB Details For Bank Transfer

Account Name: MyVapeClub
BSB: 062692
Account Number: 41312728
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Please quote your order number as reference

Pay ID Details for Instant Bank Transfer

Pay ID is much faster method of bank transfer if you are transferring funds from a bank other then ours, you must be subscribed to PayID to use this service with your bank

We use our ABN number as our Pay ID

Our PayID: 75 608 337 211  

How Do I Pay For My Click & Collect Order

All Click & Collect Orders are paid by EFTPOS when you collect your order

You can collect your order Monday to Saturday between 11am – 5pm

Waiting times for order collection is 1 to 5 minutes

Cash payment is not accepted 

When does my order gets dispatched ?

Postal orders cutoff time is 3:30PM MON to FRI
Orders placed after 3:30PM are dispatched next business day
Weekends & Victorian Public Holidays are non-business days
If you have paid by online bank transfer we ship your order once we receive cleared funds in our account.

We encourage use of Pay ID for instant funds transfer

Eliquid & Nicotine

Does MyVapeClub Sell Nicotine eLiquid ?

Sale of nicotine eLiquid is prohibited in Australia under current legislation. MyVapeClub does not sell any eLiquid which contains nicotine

Where Can I Get Nicotine From

You can purchase concentrated nicotine for personal use from overseas stores.

Buying concentrated nicotine allows you to mix up nicotine yourself at desired level, it is more convenient compared to shopping for premixed nicotine eliquids as you don’t have to shop from overseas websites frequently if you import a concentrate once and keep it stored in a freezer

You may lookup your options for concentrated nicotine at www.hiliq.com

You can use our promo code “MYVAPECLUB15” to get a 15% discount at HiLiq on your purchase. Choose DHL for a faster shipping option

It is best to choose higher concentrations of 100mg to 200mg in a PG base if you vape regularly. Stronger the concentrate, less you need to add to your eliquid to get your desired level

How Much Concentrate Do I Mix

It is very important to mix correct ratio of concentrate to acheive your desired level of nicotine

You can use the Nicotine Shot Calculator on our website to workout how much concentrate you will need to add

Once you mix up the desired amount of concentrate you must allow the concentrate to properly mix into your liquid before start using it. To do this you must steep the mixture for at least 12 hours before using

Liquid nicotine is a dangerous chemical and is classified under poisonous substances. Make sure you use this carefully and store it away from easy access to anyone 

Nicotine Shot Calculator



Freebase Eliquid Or Nic Salts

Freebase eliquids can be used for both DTL (Direct Lung) or MTL (Mouth To Lung) styles of vaping, These VG/PG based eliquids are more frequently use for flavor chasing or chain vaping with nicotine levels up to 12mg

Nic Salts are highly concentrated with nicotine and are recommended on wattages lower then 15w with coils resistance above 1.0ohms on MTL devices

Usage with direct lung devices or chain vaping on Nic Salts with higher concentration is not recommended 

I am a beginner, where do I start

What is MTL & DTL

MTL – Mouth to lung is inhaling of vapor from a low powered device which produces little vapor, the user has to draw with more effort to inhale the vaper down to lungs, its more closer to smoking a traditional cigarette

DTL- Direct to lung is technique of inhaling vapor from a more powerful vape device with a battery that discharges more current through the coil (heating wire) which is generally of a lower resistance, this allows the unit to burn more liquid into vapor and vape is inhaled to the lungs with less effort

Direct lung devices produce more vapor and provide easy draw and more flavor compare to MTL devices. DTL device will also consume more battery,wick and eliquid to do so in comparison to MTL devices

What do I need to get started

To get started you will need a vape kit, eliquid and a set of spare coils

When buying a vape you have many options ranging as below

Inbuilt Battery Kits

Replaceable Battery Kits (Requires purchase of battery as well)

Or you can build a kit by buying a battery mod & a tank from our range  

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