Cheech & Chong Scale -GForce 0.01 x 100g

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This Product Does Not Contain Nicotine

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Cheech & Chong Scale -GForce 0.01 x 100g
Cheech & Chong Scale -GForce 0.01 x 100g

Cheech & Chong Scale -GForce 0.01 x 100g


Cheech & Chong Scale-GForce 0.01 x 100g

Cheech and Chong GForce is a licensed digital pocket scale by Infinty Scales. The Infyniti Cheech and Chong G-Force Scale maintains the high quality of the Infyniti brand with that extra bit of style. Feel like a G with these high quality digital pocket scales


Model Cheech & Chong Scale -GForce 0.01 x 100g
Approximate Size (mm) 128x78x20
Salver Size (mm) 65x76
Weighing Modes g,gn,oz,ozt,dwt,ct
Weighing Decimals 0.01 (upto two decimal spaces)
Weighing Capacity 100g
Tare Function Yes
Backlight Yes
Power Source 2xAAA Battery
Batteries Included: Yes 2xAAA
Calibration Weights: Not Included Purchase Seperatly


Please note: Scales require to be calibrated over few uses to return correct measures, we make sure that scales are operational and calibrated before we dispatch them but they will require to be recalibrated after a few usages. It is handy to purchase calibration weighs, you can purchase these from our store. Instructions to calibrate are included with the scale

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