Drifter 100ml

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Blue Raspberry
Cherry Cola
Tutti Fruity
Lemon Sherbet
Drifter 100ml

Drifter 100ml


Drifter 100ml

Drifter liquid is made in the UK. They are known for ranging from sour to dessert flavours!


Flavor VG/PG Flavor Profile
Cherry Cola 70/30 Mashed up with a sweet yet sharp cherry explosion
Lychee 70/30 Light and tropical with a cool exhale, a smooth base note with added sweet notes, and an overall juicy taste
Tutti Fruity 70/30 Tutti Frutti - It's Italian for "all fruits," a colorful confectionery of candied fruits
Watermelon 70/30 Watermelon by Drifter blends a bold, sweet Watermelon flavour, with a chilly menthol burst that'll make your palate tingle with anticipation.
Lemon Sherbet 70/30 It starts with a tangy lemon flavour on inhale with a punchy citrus note, combined with a sweet lemonade
Passionfruit 70/30 So simple, so perfect. Drift through the summer heat with this sweet passionfruit menthol
Blue Raspberry 70/30 A delicious drink flavour, sweet and sharp summer fruits blended with a smooth icy finish


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