Silverback 120ml

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This Product Does Not Contain Nicotine

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Silverback 120ml

Silverback 120ml


Silverback 120ml


Flavor VG/PG Flavor Profile
Amy 70/30 Sweet Vanilla Bean and Smooth Caramel playfully dance on a bed of Crunchy Peanut Butter Brittle
Booboo 70/30 A delicious blend of grape extract, with a kick of hand-picked blueberries
Harambe 70/30 They took a creamy, cinnamon-sweet, rum-infused flavor and turned it into the perfect all day vape juice.
Jenny 70/30 Refreshed with the cool taste of minty watermelon bubblegum and a tangy strawberry candy shell
Lola 70/30 Taste of ripe strawberries with notes of banana and tropical dragon fruit extract
Rocky 70/30 Banana and strawberry ice cream, blend them together into the perfect milkshake, with a warm oatmeal cookie crumble.
Sandy 70/30 Watermelon bubblegum wrapped in a strawberry candy shell


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