Zengaz Micro Torch Lighter LIG88

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This Product Does Not Contain Nicotine

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Zengaz Micro Torch Lighter LIG88

Zengaz Micro Torch Lighter LIG88


Zengaz Micro Torch Lighter LIG88

The Zengaz Micro Torch Lighter LIG88 is a fantastic lighter from a well-known brand. This jet lighter features two sorts of flame, an adjustable temperature mode, a flame locking function, and can be refilled with butane gas.


Model Zengaz Micro Torch Lighter LIG88
Flame Type Jet and Flame
No. Of Burners One
Adjustable Flame Yes
Locking Function Yes
Refillable Yes
Fuel Type Butane Gas
Approximate Size (mm) 140x96x57

Typical Applications:

These lighters are a good gadget to have in your kitchen & garage, these are also great for travelling and camping and are typically used for:

  • lighting up kindling
  • surface treatment of baking products
  • cooking meat, fish, vegetables and other meals
  • melting and repairing electronics and jewellery
  • metal repair
  • dental work
  • crafts
  • DIY garage projects & many other hobby works

Please note:
All lighters are tested for quality before shipping out.
Any modifications or bending of jet nozzles or spark flints will void the warranty
As per carrier safety guidelines, lighters are shipped with low fuel levels

Lighters can cause serious burns if not handled properly please use with caution and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging

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