Arovatika Essential Oil

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White Sage
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang
Palo Santo
Arovatika Essential Oil

Arovatika Essential Oil


Arovatika Essential Oil

Arovatika essential oils are extracted from plants using a process known as distillation, most commonly using water or steam. This process uses many parts of the plant, including the flowers, stems, bark, and roots. The finished product is the highly concentrated essential oil, which has the same properties and scent characteristics as the original plant. That does include the smell, and also includes other elements such as the plant’s healing and other abilities. It’s easy to see why essential oils are so popular, you get a highly potent form of the plant or herb you want to use and you need a much smaller quantity to achieve the same effects.

Caution: Do not ingest oil, avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive areas. Due to the high potency of the oil its recommended to dilute with carrier oil especially for sensitive persons & applications. Keep out of reach of children

Brand Arovatika
Type Essential Oil
Manufactured In India
Net Contents 10ml / 0.33 fl. Oz
Listing Contents 1x 10ml bottle


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White Sage  White Sage is a ceremonial herb used for cleansing and purifying purpose. This essential oil is the purest form of the plant. It is 100% concentrated and can be used as you would use the herb. It is believed that white sage has its own energy which not only clears negative energy but invite positivity. Put a few drops of it in your shampoo for healthy hair.
Basil  The herbal nature of basil makes it an essential and versatile oil which is extensively used in aromatherapy to boost alertness and in cooking to enhance the flavour of food. It can also be made part of skin care routine to treat problems like acne, blemishes and to provide a soothing effect to the skin. Blend it with orange and acetic acid for glowing skin.
Bergamot  Bergamot essential oil is sweet and citrusy in nature. It has a rich history of being used in the making of Italian folk medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. It is effective to cure common problems like fever, indigestion, acne to name a few. It is uplifting, refreshing, and stimulating. It also helps in maintaining metabolism.
Cinnamon  Simply add a few drops to a diffuser and take deep breaths to allow the intense scent to calm your mind and promote a sense of self-awareness and confidence.
Citronella  The welcoming aroma of Citronella Essential Oil is commonly used in perfume and other cosmetic products. It has been used in aromatherapy for a long time and is widely used as an insect repellent. It equally contributes to greater health. Massage it on your forehead to get rid of the headache. It protects against insect-bites and reduces pain. It can be added to baths in combination with carrier oil(s).
Clove  Clove essential oil has a spicy and warm scent which makes it best for massages, especially in winter. It is used as a fragrance and flavouring agent due to its spicy fragrance. It can do wonders for acne patients. It is very much used for pain relief. Clove's antiseptic properties make it fit to heal cuts, scabs, wounds and bruises.
Eucalyptus  Eucalyptus Essential Oil's powerful aroma is associated with reducing negative energy and purification air. A drop of it is sufficient to uplift your mood, It can take away your stress and anxiety in no time. Its sharp aroma only sparks refreshment and renewal. Apply on skin to beat the health problems like ulcers and arthritis.
Frankincense  Woody and spicy with balsamic, earthy and resinous notes. Relaxing and strengthening. Ideal for meditation and calming. May help soothe fear and anxiety.
Ginger  Dry and earthy, with a full-bodied, spicy and warm quality. Warming and strengthening. Helps with mental fatigue and focus. Inspires initiative and determination.
Lavender  Lavender essential oil is a fresh and floral scent. It is the most widely used essential oil as its dynamic aroma helps you achieve inner calmness. It can be used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes alike. It has calming and antidepressant properties. Its aroma can reduce headaches and improve brain function.
Lemon  Lemon essential oil's aroma is a perfect citrus. Its joyful aroma enhances the environment. It can be used in several ways like cleaning agent, skin & hair care product, and great scent. Odour of lemon helps in beating anxiety and stress. Add few drops in water to cleanse the body and improve digestion.
Lemongrass  Lemongrass essential oil has a citrus scent. It helps in relaxing and beating anxiety and depression. It is also a great compliment to an after workout massage. A few drops in herbal tea can relieve you from nausea. However, like all essential oil, this should not be used undiluted. You can add a few drops of oil in your shampoo or body wash.
Orange  Orange essential oil has a sweet, citric aroma of orange orchards. Just a few drops of it are enough to uplift your mood and make space for peace and harmony in your area. Its antiseptic properties help in fighting acne- inducing bacteria. You can apply it on swollen areas that happen due to allergies. Massage it over your abdominal area to improve digestion.
Palo Santo  Uniquely sweet and woody, slightly fruity with a hint of mint. Balancing, calming and grounding. Helps with creativity and meditation. Traditionally used in ceremonial cleansing.
Patchouli  Patchouli is a bushy herb which belongs to the mint family and is known for its powerful smoky, spicy, earthy and musky aroma. You can add patchouli essential oil to your face pack for youthful, glowing skin. Diffuse it in your home or office for a soothing environment. Add it to your shampoo or conditioner for healthy hair.
Peppermint  Peppermint essential oil is much more than the regular and nostalgic scent. It has key antibacterial antiviral, anti- inflammatory, and insecticidal properties. It is a great source of boosting energy. It has pain killing potential and is used to get rid of muscle aches. Rub on temples, chest and at the back of the neck for respiratory benefits.
Rosemary  Rosemary essential oil has woody and evergreen scent. It relaxes the brain, improves memory and makes a person active and alert. Say goodbye to all your hair worries with rosemary oil. It infuses new life to thinning hair, gives you thicker locks, and helps treat dandruff. The topical application of rosemary oil has been found to reduce the inflammation caused by acne.
Tea Tree  Tea tree essential oil is one of the oils that must be used for everyday purposes. It has antibacterial, anti- inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal which problems, You can treat and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes with tea tree oil. It is a powerful weapon to fight against acne. Use it to get rid of common nail fungal infection.
Oil Vetiver  A powerful aroma that is woody, smoky, earthy and resinous. Grounding and centring. Enhances intimacy, wisdom and meditation. May help with sleeplessness and irritability.
Ylang Ylang  Yang Ylang is one of the most fragrant of all the essential oils. It can be used for healing pain naturally. It can be mixed in face pack to retain skin moisture. Few drops of it will suffice for the luxuriously aromatic spa at home. Besides having a beautiful fragrance, it is also used in cosmetic products, soaps and hair care items.

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