Doozy Temptations 100ml

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Banana Split
Jim Tart
Muffin Delight
Strawberry Milk
Ice Cream Cake
Doozy Temptations 100ml

Doozy Temptations 100ml


Doozy Temptations 100ml

Doozy Temptations liquids are manufactured in the UK. They offer a combination of ice cream and milkshake dessert flavors

Flavor VG/PG Flavor Profile
Banana Split  70/30 A velvety smooth combination of sweet banana and vanilla ice cream makes this heavenly combination irresistible
Jim Tart 70/30  A true Tea Time classic!  Butter dough pastry combined with a sweet yet tart blueberry jam
Strawberry Milk 70/30 Creating plumes of happiness! A silky, smooth blend of sweet strawberries and clotted cream with a splash of milk
Ice Cream Cake 70/30 Scoops of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between layers of soft spongy cake topped with sprinkles
Muffin Delight 70/30 A gorgeously soft and scrumptious muffin infused with sweet fruity notes with a hint of cinnamon.


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