Ruthless 120ml

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Antidote On Ice
Swamp Thang
Cherry Drank
Grape Drank
Tropic Thunda
Mango Drank
Berry Drank
Crave Gold Coffee Cookie
Ez Duz It on Ice
Grape Drank On Ice
Jungle Fever
Skir Skirrr on Ice
Ruthless 120ml

Ruthless 120ml


Ruthless 120ml

Ruthless liquids are made in Canada. They are best known for their fruit and dessert flavors.

Flavor VG/PG Flavor Profile
Antidote On Ice 70/30 Antidote On Ice ejuice beautifully marries mango and blue raspberry with a kick of ice to cool you down right.
Berry Drank 70/30 Boysenberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants are combined and sweetened to produce this scrumptious experience.
Cherry Drank 70/30 Experience a burst of sweet cherries freshly picked from the farm
Crave Gold Coffee Cookie 70/30 Crunchy Cookie Coffee Caramelized toppings
Ez Duz It on Ice 90/10  A fantastic mixture of sweet strawberry and watermelon
Grape Drank 70/30 Grape Drank ejuice is for those who enjoy the juicy flavor of grape soda infused into the vapor.
Grape Drank On Ice 85/15 Grape Drank on Ice eJuice is blended with grape and berry flavors with a cooling sensation.
Jungle Fever 70/30 Jungle Fever eJuice is undoubtedly one of the best pineapple and mango blends.
Mango Drank 70/30 This juicy mango will transport you to a delightful, tropical summer.
Paradize 70/30 A vivid experience of tropical fruit flavors that are balanced to perfection. From the first vape hit a wave of fresh passion fruit and luscious pear hits your taste buds.
Rage 70/30 Exotic and refreshing, Rage is created using the highest quality apple and mango flavorings. Crisp apple tastes travel across your palate after notes of subtle sweet mango join in.
Red 70/30 A tropical fusion of ripe-tasting mango, tart passionfruit, and bittersweet grapefruit
Skir Skirrr on Ice 70/30 Want to feel like you biting into a delicious apple, along with a subtle hint of honeydew melon and menthol? Skir Skirrr is for you!
Slurricane 90/10 Beautifully-blended papaya, peach, and guava
Strizzy 70/30 The delicateness of the kiwi flavor softens the inhale, complementing the distinct flavor of strawberry, raspberry and menthol.
Swamp Thang 90/10 A delicious burst of sour candied apples
Tropic Thunda 60/40  A tropic blast of guava and berries.


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